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Hello, as it is mentioned in the title I am Jethro Ursal, and now I will tell you all about myself, which I haven’t done in a while. I was born and raised here in Cebu and you can say that I am a proud local. I’m a fairly chill guy with a taste for good food and good music. I like hanging out with old friends, which are neighbors, and talk about how our lives are proceeding. I am an undergrad but I’m currently studying in Informatics College to redeem myself from all the time I wasted during my earlier years. So let’s get this party started already…

Hobbies of Jethro Ursal

I’ve considered myself as a music lover. So I try to listen to as many different genres of music as I can. I also am a big gamer. PC, mobile, console, Wii, you name it, I have played on everything. Before, I wished to pursue a professional career on either music or gaming. But did not do anything about it, so nothing happened with that. I don’t have a lot more hobbies aside from games and music, because if I’m not doing any of those 2 things, I am generally with my friends most of the time. So I guess that’s it, that’s enough from my hobbies, now let’s go to……

Jethro Ursal’s Life Goals

Now that my childish dreams are gone. I just want a stable income and hopefully enough time to spend with the ones that I love. I think programming is the way to go. since it is a good paying job and time is flexible. Sure, it is busy, but as long as I get to be with my loved ones. I’m sure it will be fine.

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