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All About Kirstin Teve
My name is kirstin I'm 23 years old I live in cebu city I am an only child I live in a simple type of family of 3 my parents are both busy working so I'm usually the one left in the house to do all the stuff.

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Things kirstin Teves Likes
I love being in quiet places, doing stuff in the house, listening to music, cooking, traveling and watching netflex

Things kirstin Teves does not like
Most of the times I do not like talking so if you ask me I either answer you with few sentence ,I do not like when people touch my things,I do not like when people talk behind my friends back and last i do not like people who shouts

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Places That Kirstin Teves Had Traveled Several Times
malapascua island,Bantayan Island,Sipaway islands,Camotes Island,Bohol,Kawit,Medelline, Madridejos ,Bacolod,Ilo ilo,Ozamis,Davao,Barillie and old balete tree in sipaway

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Old balete tree sipaway
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Ilo Ilo
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kota park madridejos
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Foods Kirstin Teves Loves To Cook

shumai, pasta, ginisang sardinas and miswa, home made pizza, ala max home made chicken, home made lumpia

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Music kirstin Teves Love To Listens
Amaze by lone star, photograph by ed sheeran, perfect by ed sheeran, Say you wont let go by james arthur, let her go by passengers, I wont give up by Jason Marz, Country roads by john denver