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Hi guys, I am Ma elisea Book but you call me Liling for short. I am a single mother, 29 years old and im still studying. I live in Paknaan Mandaue but my province address is Poblacion Tabogon Cebu, North part of Cebu. Im in a relationship for almost 3 years but no plan for marriage. I love to travel, I just visit lots of different country. I love to enjoy everyday of my life. I been working every weekend and holidays as a watcher and a care taker of a well known beach resorts in Tabogon. I also have a business,trading online business. Just visit my facebook account you can see lots of stuff their, just click thats my facebook account,lots of items i been selling.

Ma elisea Book likes and dislike

I am a simple girl but i have a big dream. A dream for my daughter and to my family. I like to mingle and enjoy life even im so busy. I love to travel and i already visited different country. I love to try different kind of foods. The only thing that i dislike is having a friend that you cant trust, back bitter and a traitor.

Ma elisea book achievements

I'm old, and i can call my self that i am in the stage that no longer a teenager but feels like a teenager. Age for me is doesn't matter. Just like love, age is doesn't matter. The things that i can say that i achieved in advance,is to become a mother at the age of 17 years old. I raised my daughter alone, my life was so hard before, more harder than now. I'm doing my best for her,i want to give everything she needs . That's why ,now in my status i'm doing my best to help others who are in need cause its not so easy being a poor person and no one is helping. Only your self ,can help your self. Wanna know the secret? i can share it with you how to earn even at home or using facebook only,check my facebook account , but always remember don't forget to thanks god everyday and always be thankful everyday ,God bless.

Me and my achievement